About the authors of Rain Dog Outdoors

About Rain Dog Outdoors

A welcome from Jordan and Nichole:

Jordan first …

What does rain dog mean?

I have to be honest, I had no idea who Tom Waits was (and still don’t lol) or the meaning of “rain dogs” but when I stumbled on this definition:

“…all these stranded dogs on the street and they’re looking around like – won’t you help me get back home, sir, please – excuse me sir – excuse me sir – can you help me find my way back home … they all want to get home. 

I thought to myself: “Hey, that sounds like us when we get ourselves into nature and out of our comfort zone! We just want to go home!” And basically that’s how Rain Dog Outdoors started.

Now, Nichole’s turn …

  • Lazy?
  • Anxious?
  • Afraid?
  • Out of shape?
  • No motivation?
  • No time?
  • No energy?

What am I describing?

Yes, going out into the great outdoors. Don’t get me wrong, I do love looking at nature, but actually getting outside to experience it firsthand has never been my strong point.

Just the thought of hiking or skiing makes me cringe.

Both fortunately and unfortunately, my husband and I feel the same way.

Fortunately, because we can vegetate on the couch and watch Netflix all day.

Unfortunately, because we can vegetate on the couch and watch Netflix all day.  

We do have other hobbies, but none of those get us out into nature.

I know we can’t be the only people who secretly, or not so secretly, feel this way.

Right? I really hope so. Lol.

We realized recently that something had to change. While you will probably never see us climbing Everest or hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, we are ready to get in touch with nature!

Maybe you don’t feel quite like us.

Maybe you do love the outdoors, but the daily grind doesn’t leave much time or energy to do what you love.

We hope that whatever your story is, our journey will inspire you to discover the great outdoors.